Thursday, July 4, 2013


Pasta, pasta, pasta...

I love pasta way too much to give it up in my fitness diet lol so i found out i could have multi grain and whole wheat pasta in little portions (*does happy dance*).  The amazing thing about pasta is you can have variations of it (linguine, rotini, spaghetti/tini, fusili, fettuccine etc) made into different sauces (alfredo, bolognese,cabonara etc) or you can simply just go healthy and skip the sauces and use veggies lol which will most likely be our option.

Anyways, I am kind of stuck on what recipe to post on here for you guys, so how about you decide? And ill post your recipe choice first thing tomorrow...The two options are :

1 A sweet pepper chicken rotini served with grilled chicken breast


2 A mixed veggie shrimp fettuccine served with grilled beef kebab

You can tweet me you option @FitNigeria or @RuemuIghofose or simply leave a comment here :) have a good one. Rue.x


phat said...

D first one please!! It luks more eatable(am a bush gal I But d beef kebab in d second one tho...*sigh* I js kno am gonna dream of dat 2nyt.
Perhaps, u cld post d first recipe BUT also post a recipe for beef kebab ;)

Anonymous said...

first one !

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