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How To Eat Right In Your 30s

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As promised, this is the continuation of my previous post. In case you missed it-

 This week I will briefly discuss on how to eat better in your 30s. Enjoy.

 Our 30s is all about finding our groove.

 The Good Stuff
 In your 30s, you might find you’ve accumulated more self-knowledge… you may have a clearer sense what’s important to you in life - and a little more confidence to chase it.
 You might be taking on some big, rewarding endeavors in your life: like career advancement, or raising children (or both).

Healthy habits might become a little more important to you now.

And you might have a little more stability and income. In other words, you probably have a bigger grocery budget and better food organization.

The Challenging Stuff 
 In our 30s, most of us are still feeling pretty good, but noticing some small physical differences. For example:
  • Maybe it’s not quite as easy to lose body fat or gain muscle.
  • Maybe things feel just a little achier or creakier in the morning.
  • Maybe it takes you an extra day or two to recover from a tough workout.
Also, life might feel a little more ‘complicated’.
You might find you have more demands on you. More responsibility.  And less time to work out and eat properly.
You may also have more mouths to feed, literally.

Your Best Health Habits Right Now 
In your 30s, you may find that you need to:
  • Adjust your caloric intake and activity levels to account for a slightly slower metabolism. (Remember how you used to be able to consume all that pizza and beer and never gain a pound? Those are now the good old days.)
  • Be more careful with the quality of your intake. Your body might be a little more sensitive to what you feed it. For example, you may find you can’t tolerate alcohol as well.
  • Optimize your hormonal (and overall) health if you are planning on starting or growing a family.
  • Establish simple nutrition and fitness routines that juggle many demands (e.g. quick, effective workouts or fast-prep healthy dinners).
Sure, a little more to think about than your 20s. However, a little extra goes a long way at this stage.

Reference; Precision Nutrition

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