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For some, the thought of wearing a bikini is daunting! I remember walking into the store and completely skipping the swimsuit section. Thoughts like, "Please, bikini's are for naturally skinny girls" or, "Oh my goodness if I ever put one of those strings on, I am definitely going to look like the Michelin Man."

It's crazy how negative our thoughts can become when we are clueless to what we're capable of doing.

Getting the healthy body you want takes two things. A plan, and some action. As simple as it sounds, it does take a large amount of motivation and even more dedication and consistency. So, this past winter I did it. I took my chunky self to Target and bought a swimsuit (the pickings were slim, being that I was purchasing swimwear in the dead of winter. Lol). Take a look...

The Top is a medium and the bottom is a large (I gotta big booty!)
Anyhow, I hung my new strings in the closet where I could stare at it every single day. I kicked my behind in the gym, and ate clean...and I mean CLEAN. Not one burger, not one donut. Goodness I missed donuts! Apart from looking a certain way, being healthy on the inside feels so good. You see I am not a morning person at all. In fact one can compare me to an African witch in those wee hours. After pressing the snooze button one hundred times, and rolling out of bed, I am the last person you want to speak to at 6am. A grumpy old thing with minimal words and a permanent frown. Quite sad actually. Working out and eating properly completely changed that. Now I only press the snooze button once or twice, and I pop out of bed straight away, (for me that's a big difference). The energy that comes from taking care of yourself is amazing.

Working out in the winter is hard! It's extremely difficult, and all you want to do is bundle up and eat comfort foods. But I PROMISE, if you summon the motivation to stick with it, you will be strutting around the beach or swimming pool wearing your skimpy strings with a smile! I did.

The day came. I got a text invite for a pool party. That morning I woke up and wore my bikini around the entire house all day, talking myself up. Saying "You got this Edie, you earned it.Time to show off your hard work." (As silly as this sounds, this is exactly what I did.) I arrived at the pool and scoped the scene. Many females were there, but none with their clothes off. Well, guess I will be the first one to strip! I skipped off to the restroom, gave myself a pep talk and had my best friend take a quick photo of me. This is it...

I walked outside, took my shorts and tank top off and leaped in the pool. Pure EXCITEMENT! I did it, and I did it well. By the way, the compliments I received that day came in bulk.  :-)

Want some proof? That before picture is completely embarrassing. Goodness...

After (I was showing out at that pool party!)

...take a look at the aftermath!

I just want to encourage you to get healthy and make a change. My methods were a bit silly, but this is what worked for me. Sit down, draw up a plan and stick to it as much as you possibly can. Winter is here, get that summer body right now! YOU CAN DO THIS!

By: Edie Ibanga

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Nneoma said...

I really like this !

MrEdesiriRob said...

Same!!!. A lot of people crash program it close to summer but the actual fact is winter is when you put in the real work. Great article, such a lovely inspiration and your progress is stellar.

Ayodeji Olatunji-Bello said...

Way to go Edie!

Broadcast Edie said...

Mr. EdesiriRob - You're exactly right! Plus taking your time with Winter training brings long term effects. It trains your mind to do things the right way without a hurry.

Thanks for the comment :)

Broadcast Edie said...

DEJI!!! Thanks darling. MUAH!

Broadcast Edie said...

Thanks team member!

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