Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indomie loving...


So today i decided to go for something quick and easy that "most" people loved to eat...INDOMIE! lol..I honestly am not a huge fan but most of my friends think im crazy not to love it, so this recipe goes out to all of you who are dead for

I hate boring food and frankly indomie on its own is so boring, so for this recipe we are going to spice things up and throw in some pretty colours. For this recipe im using chicken suya, sweet peppers (red, orange and green) and spring onions. You could use anything really. The basics just have to be:

1. A source of protein (beef, chicken, shrimp etc really the list goes on)

2. Indomie

The process

1. Cut up the veggies in pretty small sizes( looks prettier lol)

2. Cut up the chicken into pieces as well

3. In a wok put some olive oil and let it heat up then add the veggies and chicken

4. Add a little water, curry and one of the indomie spices

5. Boil the water really hot, mainly because i hate sticky indomie so the hot water prevents this

6. Put the noodles in and let cook for 5 minutes and then add the second spice and let cook

7. Add the cooked noodles to our veggie chicken mix and let simmer

8. And our indomie is served...:) 

You could do a million and one variations of this really. Feel free to use the comment box to ask me questions about this. Have a great day. Rue.x


Ashley said...

Really? U can eat indomie while on a diet? Two packs for dat matter? Dis is great news to me o! :D I av missed my noodles.
Also, am tryin to go on a protein detox thingy...saw it on My question is is suya healthy while on a diet? Even the chicken suya u used in this recipe? Cos am thinkin all d oil d mallam must av packed on the suya while fryin/grilling?d suya is kinda bad.
Keep up the gud work guys. We appreciate it.
Also, I'd like to say I LOVE recipes like dis wiv ingredients that are accessible to d average nigerian unlike ur previous recipes (no offense).

ObiKoRumi Fitness said...

Thank you for the comment! We appreciate all feedback. We will make sure we post recipes that are accessible and that are different,new things and ideas to try out. Remember that the recipes are not always weight-loss recipes but also regular recipes that are healthy. For two packs of indomie noodles, using the spices just from one pack is enough (prevent Sodium overdose). Also, adding vegetables provides you much needed vitamins and minerals. (Remember, not all veggies require the same length of cooking time). The suya used here has minimum oil, so used grilled chicken if you are not sure how your mallam prepares his. Remember, it should taste good and be good for your body. Let us know how this works for you. Once again, thanks for the comment. Make sure you exercise too! #FitNigeria

Anonymous said...

I thought indomie had a whole lot of carbs, 2 packs should be too much no?

Anonymous said...

Small pack of Indomie has 370cal(all frm carbs), its not even the calories that bothers me, its the fact that they are absolutely EMPTY calories. No nutrition too. I don't advice any #FitFam to eat it, not healthy at all, u can go for whole wheat noodles

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