Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 tips for successful meal prepping

mangetout and onion wild rice with roast chicken drumsticks

Here are somethings I have learnt while meal prepping.

1) Pick a day of the week to prepare your meals.

A day that is good for your schedule and one you can commit to.

2) Get good containers for meals

This makes everything so much easier. Mains can be kept in tupperware and snacks in ziploc bags.

3) Check what you have

Make sure to check the ingredients you have and good ones to have are : brown rice,beans,sweet potatoes,chicken breasts and a variety of vegetables. etc

4) Keep it simple

Stick to simple ingredients with simple spices

5)Have fun and make it happen.

Always remember to enjoy yourself with the process and just do it.

Vegetarian meal prep -roasted garlic potatoes and mixed vegetables 

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