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Six Effective Fat Loss Exercises We Love At FitNigeria

There are no secrets or magic wands for weight loss. It takes a lot of dedication and motivation.

Exercising, being one of the core aspects of weight loss is dreaded by many, some people do not like any form of exercise, while others do not want to create time for it.

To reach our ultimate fitness goal, we need to incorporate exercising into our routine if not every day, at least three times a week.

There are a plethora of fat loss exercises but I will briefly discuss the six I believe to be the most effective.


Running is one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight. It burns up to 600 calories in an hour. According to research, eight second bursts of running repeated intermittently for twenty minutes three times a week helped overweight men lose four pounds of body fat in twelve weeks. It also helps reduce visceral fat-that dangerous internal fat that can pad the liver, kidney and other internal organs, and cause a host of serious health problems, even in people with normal weight.

Apart from all these, running increases the overall level of health. Study shows that running can raise levels of good cholesterol while also helping boost the immune system.
While it may not be everybody's favorite form of exercise, knowing what it can do for your life just may make you look at running in an entirely new light.

Skipping is an excellent way to lose fat and stay fit and it can be done anywhere and anytime. Apart from that, the skipping rope is easy to carry about that is travel-friendly.

This is a better alternative to running as it puts less pressure on the joints although it involves a tremendous amount of skill, strength, focus and patience. If done correctly, skipping is a great aerobic workout that can burn over 1000 calories in an hour depending on the body weight and exertion level.
It can also add definition to the calves and shoulders, as it works these muscle groups quite vigorously.

This is one of my personal favorites. It can be done on either a stationary bike- the preferred option for those wanting to specifically burn body fat, as there might be fewer distractions with this method- , or on the road.
Cycling involves the same muscles as does running, but has the added advantage of being lower impact, therefore making it ideal for virtually anyone (with the exclusion of those with certain injuries).
Study shows, cycling on a stationary bike or on the road will suit almost anyone as the resistance can be changed to accommodate preferences in intensity level.

Weight or Strength Training;
While cardiovascular exercise is a great way of burning the fat, adding a little strength training to your workouts will earn you extra calories every day. You'll even be burning extra calories while you're sleeping or sitting on the couch watching your favorite show.
Weight training can burn up to 300 calories per hour. Although most of us do not need to do it every day it ought to be part of a well rounded workout routine.
Furthermore, weight training can reduce bone deterioration and build bone mass, preventing osteoporosis. Working your muscles can also inhibit the affects of sarcopenia, the age related loss of muscle mass, strength and function.

Swimming is a fun exercise that can burn up to 800 calories in an hour. Swimming provides a great total body workout, while burning a high number of calories. It is also very low impact as the body is working in a weightless environment (water), and, as a result, there is little risk of injury.
Using the common freestyle stroke will work well for most people, but if at all possible use a variety of strokes in order to place an emphasis on different muscle groups - this change in intensity will help to burn more calories.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the newer and more effective ways to burn body fat. As many have experienced, HIIT provides an intensive aerobic option, which takes a fraction of the time to complete compared to the more traditional cardio methods.
As the name suggests, HIIT incorporates both high intensity aerobic work with a very high intensity component to provide a maximal fat burning effect, and an increased metabolic rate that can last for over 24 hours after training.

Regular aerobic training (although beneficial for fat burning) can place the body into a steady state in that the same pace is maintained throughout. This means the body has adjusted itself to the speed it is going and will try to conserve calories. With HIIT, the steady state problem can be avoided as the intensity is shifted every minute or so.

Example of a HIIT workout is as follow;

30 minute HIIT Treadmill routine

Warm up for 5 minutes walking at level 3.5
2 minute jog at level 5.0
2 minute walk at level 3.5
2 minute run at level 6.0
2 minute walk at level 3.5
2 minute run at level 7.0
2 minute walk at level 3.5
2 minute run at level 6.0
1 minute walk at level 3.5
1 minute jog at level 5.0
1 minute walk at level 3.5
1 minute run at level 6.0
1 minute walk at level 3.5
1 minute run at level 7.0
Cool down for 5 minutes walking at level 3.5

Any form of exercise should be taken slowly during the initial stages of training especially if one is overweight or a beginner.  Starting gradually is important as it helps warm the muscles and lubricate the joints for the work ahead especially if the activity is of higher intensity.

Also, cardio should be done safely at all times. Trying to do too much will probably have an opposite effect to what is trying to be achieved. Fat burning and other health benefits will occur; so long as the session is no longer than 45 minutes to one hour- this is usually accepted as the appropriate length of time for one who is in good health.

Drinking water before, during (depending on the duration) and after workout is also very important. Exercising without sufficient water intake (especially in the heat) may lead to dehydration and a reduction in performance so keep hydrated at all times.

In conclusion, the type of training and the methods used will differ from person to person, and to achieve superior results it is important to select an activity that will work to ones best advantage.



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