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Exercise and Physical Activity; Know The Difference


According to WHO, physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.
Any of the activities we do throughout the day that involves body movement- housework, climbing stairs, walking- are examples of physical activities.

Exercise is a specific form of physical activity, it is a planned, purposeful physical activity performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits.
Working out at the gym, cycling, swimming, running are all examples of exercises.

Understanding the difference
 Most daily physical activities are considered light to moderate in intensity. There are certain health benefits that can only be accomplished with more strenuous physical activity. Improvement in cardiovascular fitness is one example. Jogging or running provides greater cardiovascular benefit than walking at a leisurely pace, for instance. Additionally, enhanced fitness doesn't just depend of what physical activity you do, it also depends on how vigorously and for how long you continue the activity. That’s why it’s important to exercise within your target heart rate range when doing cardio, for example, to reach a certain level of intensity.

Understanding the intensity
 How can you tell if an activity is considered moderate or vigorous in intensity? If you can talk while performing it, it's moderate. If you need to stop to catch your breath after saying just a few words, it's vigorous. Depending on your fitness level, a game of doubles tennis would probably be moderate in intensity, while a singles game would be more vigorous. Likewise, walking would be moderate, but running would be considered vigorous. Again, it's not just your choice of activity, it's how much exertion it requires.

Components of physical fitness
 Ideally, an exercise program should include elements designed to improve each of these components;
  1. Cardio-respiratory endurance. Enhance your respiratory endurance i.e your ability to engage in aerobic exercise- through activities such as brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, jumping rope or skipping. As you reach distance or intensity goals, reset them higher or switch to a different activity to keep challenging yourself.
  2. Muscular strength. You can increase muscular strength most effectively by lifting weights, using either free weights like barbells and dumbbells or weight machines.
  3. Muscular endurance. Improve your endurance through calisthenics (conditioning exercises), weight training, and activities such as running or swimming.
  4. Flexibility. Work to increase your level of flexibility through stretching exercises that are done as part of your workout or through a discipline like yoga or pilates that incorporates stretching.
 While it's possible to address all of these fitness components with a physically active lifestyle, an exercise program can help you achieve even greater benefits.(

A good way to start is increasing the amount of physical activity in your everyday life for example parking your car few distance from your destination to get in some walking.
To help attain higher level of your fitness goals, you need to incorporate structured and vigorous activities into your schedule.

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Liyla said...

I would really prefer that will thank you so much to your endeavors. My organization is tiredness similar perfect job with my family from now on in the process.

Tammy J. Hatley said...

The most of these physical fitness parts using a bodily lively life-style, a fitness system can assist you attain sustained rewards.

Iyabo Oyawale said...

Thanks for sharing. We often tend the confuse the two. Now that I know the difference between exercise and physical activity, I plan to do more exercises. As they're good for the heart and body.

APOLLO said...

Consequently a good afternoon utilizing a huge amount of to observe together with undertake. I do know That i perhaps mainly procured snap shots for fifty percent of any equipment certainly, there. Quite possibly connected with a handful of devotees within the fable certainly, there that will which means that hey that will someone That i gave a talk that will. This may be a terrific report kudos meant for posting the interesting material. I may see your website repeatedly for current place.

Carlson said...

I might to be able to just like concerning the specific health improvements that will simply become completed with an increase of intense physical exercise. Development inside aerobic physical fitness will be an example.

Globo Surf said...

Great way to contrast these two concepts. With exercise, it seems like a lot of work initially. However, once you get it in your routine you'd be craving it.

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