Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I cannot stress to you how much of a misconception this is to the ladies. YOU WILL NOT BULK UP FROM LIFTING WEIGHTS! Ever heard a woman say this before?
  • ·         I will never lift weights. I don’t want to look bulky
  • ·         Me lift? No way! I don’t want to look like a man
  • ·         Lifting weights will make me lose all my curves
  • ·         My boobs will disappear if I start lifting

LIES! LIES! These are all lies. Yes, cardio is fantastic because it gets that heart pumping, and those calories you’ve consumed will disappear when you’re consistent. But lifting weight is an added benefit. Why? Because you even when you complete your gym session, the fat continues to burn for several hours even after stopping. It builds muscle, this causes you to be stronger and less fragile and weak. Come on ladies, we love our curves right? This is the PERFECT place to sculp your body. Trim that waist and build and lift that booty!

The ONLY way you can bulk up is if you consume way over you daily caloric intake while lifting heavy weights.

Got that?! I’ll say it again the ONLY way you can bulk up is if you consume way over you daily caloric intake while lifting heavy weights. Let’s be real here while we’re on this topic, those ladies that you see who are really bulky with large biceps and huge hamstrings are on enhancement drugs. It is not possible for a woman to naturally create that amount of testosterone within the body.

“Women don’t have enough testosterone or other male androgen hormones needed to really bulk up.”(WEBMD.COM)

So come on. When you finish spending time on your beloved treadmill and elliptical machines, strut over to the weights and start lifting! You’ll feel like a million dollar woman when you’re with the guys sweating and grunting. Challenge your mind and body with something different, while become a strong woman overall. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

Hit the weights, and watch your body transform :)

By: Edie Ibanga

Twitter @brodcastedie
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Cris Mic said...

So informative post! I also thought that lifting weights will make me bulky. But you cleared all my doubts. Well dear I am interested to start doing workout to lose weight. Can you suggest some online exercise videos for beginners like me?

Philip Laws said...

I am proof elliptical can work- 30 lbs lost in 10 weeks. Those of us with 6 knee operations under our belt actually need low impact.

But I do look like a total douche on the machine. Thats why I work out in my building's tiny gym where nobody else dares to go.

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