Friday, February 27, 2015

Brave Enough To Try A Headstand?

Grab your mat, let's knock it out today in beginner yoga!

1. Clasp your hands together (fingers intertwined and your elbows should not be passed your shoulders). Walk yourself closer to your elbows and stop at your tip toes. Your body should be in the shape of a "V".

2. Place the back of your head in the clasp and raise one leg (knee bent and toe pointed for balance). Try and keep your back straight. This will make it much easier to get both feet up. HINT: for balance tighten your core.

3. SLOWLY bring your second foot off the ground (core is still tightened and both toes pointed). Your heels will be towards your bum. Beeeeeeathe! DON'T leave this position until you can do it comfortable several times.

4.  Again SLOWLY raise both or one leg at time. If your shoulder start to collapse, immediately break position, reset, and try again. The more straight you are the better it feels and the longer you can hold it. Breath in this positions  10-15 times and come down using the steps you took to get into position. Rest in Child Pose (you remember Child Pose right? You already know this!)

BAM! Mission accomplished. Think you've mastered it? Snap a photo, post to Instagram and hashtag #FitNigeria. We wanna see your progress.


By: Edie Ibanga
Twitter @brodcastedie
IG @broadcast_edie


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