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TIP 1: DIET! DIET!! DIET!!! This is the most important change you can make. Diet is defined as the type of food a person eats HABITUALLY. 'Habitually' being the key word. The idea is remodel your diet to fit your lifestyle, your diet needs to follow a pattern you can continue for life. You cannot crash diet for the rest of your life but you can reduce the amount of carbs you consume and eat more vegetables for the rest of your life. We eat food to fuel our body, remember that moderation is KEY.  'We eat to live not live to eat.' Keep your diet as clean as possible. 

TIP 2: EAT YOUR BREAKFAST: Drink a smoothie, eat your oats, eat your cereal. All these are great breakfast ideas. Breakfast is important because it helps to regulate your body through out the rest of the day, by lunch time you are not starving and you can make rational choices when picking your lunch. Before having your breakfast try drinking lemon and water ( I usually freshly squeeze 1 lemon into a glass and add warm water- for a whole lemon use 1 cup of water)

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TIP 3: SKIP THE TAKE OUTS AND FAST FOOD: Before you dismiss this, listen to me. I am not saying don't ever do take outs or fast food, I am saying it shouldn't be a regular thing. Cook your meals, pack yourself a lunch to school and/or work and stick to your lunch (this will save you a lot of money and calories in the short run). The occasional cookies and ice cream is alright, like i said moderation is the key here. 

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TIP 4: STAY ACTIVE: Go running, swimming, take a hike, go cycling, kick boxing, go to the gym. I recommend you do this at least 3 times a week, I would rather 4, but 3 is the bare minimum.
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TIP 5: WATCH YOUR SUGAR AND SALT INTAKE: Occasionally we crave the sweet and salty things and a lot of times we give in, it is ok to have those sweet and salty things sometimes, but like i said everything in moderation, it cannot be a daily thing. Drink water instead of pop or juice with your meal (it is more satisfying). At Starbucks, Second Cup or Tim Hortons (or any coffee shop you go to) order the small drink rather than the large.

TIP 6: PORTION CONTROL: You should be careful when serving your food, do not just pour food on your plate and chow it all. When serving your food, carbs should be one to one-half serving on your plate for ladies, guys, two to two-half serving on your plate, more protein than carbs and more vegetables than protein. FUN FACT: Vegetables fill you up because of their fiber content, this will help you save calories and help trim your belly and waist line. Introduce vegetables into your diet and you would be happier for it.

To calculate carbs serving- one handful of rice for example is one serving, 1 slice of bread is one serving etc.

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Broadcast Edie said...

This is a great reminder! I still struggle with getting breakfast in, but working on it :)

Anonymous said...

Love how you broke everything down and got straight to the point. Congrats on your success

MrEdesiriRob said...

I really love this article. A lot of people never realize that the lifestyle change is the sustainable option. Great tips!!

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