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Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The question, 'What should I eat for breakfast?' seems to follow from this assertion. I'll get to the question, but first, I'll tell you why you should eat breakfast.
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The first benefit that eating breakfast provides is weight control. A study done by WebMD Weight Loss Clinic showed that overweight women, who ate 2 eggs for breakfast, 5 times a week, as part of a low-fat diet, lost 65% more weight than they will have ordinarily lost, and reduced their waist circumference by 83%.
Contrary to another school of thought that seems to have concerns about the cholesterol in eggs, the study by WebMD showed that the cholesterol in the 2 eggs, "had no significant difference... in their blood cholesterol..." 

Breakfast is a right start to your day because it helps you control your hunger through out the day. It is important because you don't feed your body for several hours overnight, and the lack of food in the morning could cause you to choose foods high in fat and calories to curb your cravings.
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Eating breakfast also leads to improved metabolism. Also, eating breakfast has been proven to help with improved concentration and performance through out the day. 

Lastly, eating breakfast gives you more a lot more strength and endurance, to engage in physical activities through out the day.  

Now, what should you eat for breakfast? For breakfast you want to eat to your satisfaction, while keeping it at the back of your mind that you also want to regulate what you eat. Below is a list of foods you can eat for breakfast. 
- Bread and Eggs
- Smoothie made with fruit (low fat dairy and/or yoghurt should be used, water is my preferred    option) 
Drink more water, fruits, vegetables & have a great, healthy week! #FitNigeria #Water #Smoothie #Nigeria #Africa
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- Oat meal garnished with freshly cut fruits
- Cereal with low fat milk and fresh fruit

The list goes on and on, this sample just gives you some examples of the types of food that you ought to eat for breakfast. What do you think? What do you eat for breakfast?


MrEdesiriRob said...

You can never go wrong with that list. I usually interchange those options throughout the week, saving eggs for the weekend to save time

Nneoma said...

True ! I eat eggs and bread on the days i need the extra energy, the days i have extra time as well. Other than that, smoothie blended with water or coconut water is fine for me.

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