Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Meat sauce Wednesday 

I have been craving meat sauce for a while now so i decided to just go ahead and make it for lunch. I love how quick and easy it is to make and you can have your meat sauce with basically any side like boiled yam, baked potatoes, pasta etc the list goes on really. So this is pretty much a quick and easy recipe for most of us who really don't like spending forever in the kitchen lol


Lean ground beef

Green peppers
Scotch bonnet peppers
Yellow onions
Spring onions
Pasta sauce


1. Put your ground beef in a bowl and add your spices in, knead the spices in with your hand and leave to marinate in the fridge while we work on everything else (which isn't a lot tbh)

2. Cut up all your veggies, I used half a yellow onion, 3 spring onions sticks, 1 scotch bonnet pepper and one medium sized green pepper.

3. In a clean wok or non stick pan WITHOUT OIL, you are gonna fry the lean ground beef bit by bit stirring till it is fully cooked and pan - browned. I did mine about 4 times. The reason we need no oil is that the ground beef itself will produce some grease.

4. One the meat is all cooked, in the same pan throw in the veggies with very little olive oil since the pan is already somewhat greased. Leave to cook for a little.

5. Add in our lean ground beef and let simmer

6. Add in tomato puree. So here you can either freshly blend tomato, onions, garlic and red pepper bells or take the easy route which i took and use already made pasta sauce. Be sure to check that it has the heart and stroke foundations check mark to show that its a healthy brand. I went with prego which has the check mark and is a source of 2 vegetable servings in various flavours.

7. The sauce makes the mixture very thick, so add in a little water to liquefy the consistency a little.

8. When this is done taste for spice if needed add Maggi and a little Adobo spice and cover on low heat to let cook well.

9. Serve with small servings boiled yam, multi grain/whole wheat pasta, boiled plantain or potatoes. I went with spiced baked potatoes.



Ashley said...

Dis luks AMAZE! Keep d recipes coming guys

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a calorie content for the meals?

ObiKoRumi Fitness said...

Certainly will from my next blog post.

phat said...

Tried this out 2day but I ate mine with wheat spaghetti. Dint add green veggies and forgot to season d minced meat before I panfried it (silly me). I did like d taste of the prego sauce (used d traditional one). Sent u a twitpic of d meal on twitter.
All in all it turned out nice. Keep it coming guys ;)

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