Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Let’s face it, a nice lifted and round booty is so in right now! Everywhere we look that round yummy goodness is in our faces, and almost impossible to avoid. When I started getting serious about working out, I made sure to incorporate a booty program because I wanted mine to sit just right in my clothing (the type of booty that people would have to do a double take on when they “accidentally” glanced at it lol.)

We’ve seen the new shenanigans Hollywood/Nollywood have placed in the forefront of media. Butt injections and butt implants that can possibly have dangerous long-term effects. Having a big backside may not be in your genetic make-up, but you can certainly plump up that booty and get it looking phenomenal with a bit of effort and consistency.

I am SUPER excited to share with you guys exactly what works for me, and definitely my “go-to” workouts for when I want to wear my skin tight dresses! Take a Peek…


Start off on your forearms and knees, and engage your core as well as your booty

Pick your knee up and off the mat


Raise it (to the side) as high as you comfortably can, then go back IN. 

REST! Maybe have some water.


Still on your forearms and knees, and that core and booty engaged

Bring your mid thigh towards your chest

Raise your leg towards the sky and lock in the same position every time you hit the sky

Return to the IN position

 REST! Stretch a bit.


Forearms and abs still engaged, leg out and  parallel to the ground


Again, raise that leg to the sky, lock in the position, and bring it back DOWN

3 to 5 sets of 10 repetitions for the left AND right booty cheeks. Lol! We wouldn't want one side looking more delicious than the other now would we?!  **Do what you can, and don't over exert.

Here I am using 5 pound ankle weights. Don't have weights? No worries, try 20 reps for each set without them :)

**MIGHT I add that my cellulite has pretty much diminished since doing these? Yes, I am so serious :)

If you can dedicate your booty to these workouts 2 to 3 times a week, there’s no way you won’t see a change. Hit the mat, push through that initial pain, and watch that booty rise sky high!

BONUS WORKOUT! Check out my IG page for a video of these moves, plus a bonus booty workout.


By: Edie Ibanga

Twitter @brodcastedie
IG @broadcast_edie
Questions?  Comments? Don’t be afraid! Just drop them below and we can have a chat.


3dafe said...

as a guy how much can this work out help improve my vertical

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