Thursday, November 20, 2014


and how FitNigeria can help

The beginning of exercise dates back to the beginning of humankind. The earlier men and women had to chase animals for food and conversely had to run from larger animals that preyed upon them. This form of exercise was completely natural and unconscious. Human beings are made to be active, physical beings, but today, with the advent of modern technology, we have found ways to move less, prepare food quicker and attain our dream bodies unnaturally. We us elevators to travel to the next floor, eat fast food and pay large amounts of money for plastic surgery. It's about time we return to earlier times; move more, eat natural and transform our bodies by working out and not needles.

Today, most of us follow systematic exercise routines, targeted to achieve specific goals including weight loss, building muscle, agility etc. Innovations in science, technology and nutrition have permitted us, with our busy lifestyles to achieve similar levels of physicality as our fore-fathers. Unlike the people of those days, there are many gyms, sports facilities and home workout equipment manufacturers that simulate the physical stresses the earlier humans' bodies experienced. Workout and nutrition plans (especially those that are tested and proven) are great guides to follow, especially at the beginning of the healthy lifestyle journey. 

FitNigeria was born because we realized that as the Nigerian economy has been growing, the rate of illness and deaths due to unknown causes/health related causes has also been on the rise.
The FitNigeria movement is one of self awareness, discovery and development. 
We workout, cook and eat healthy, participate in challenges and share our experiences using social media. By documenting our journey in pictures, videos and text, we can inspire our nation to play a proactive role in our own well-being, those of our family, friends and the country as a whole. 
Let's be STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY for ourselves and loved ones. 

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