Friday, June 28, 2013

FitNigerian Submission: Fun Fitness

Wanna Try Pole Dancing?

Hey we’re Feso (advanced) and Biibi (intermediate), and we are Nigerian pole dancers! We know what you are thinking: why, what, where and how? Typical…

Feso: I started poling in Feb 2012 at Studio Boutique in Hull (UK) because I needed to try something new, different from cardio and strength training with weights.  Shortly after, I started yoga and more intensive stretching. Pole dancing is great because you never stop learning new tricks and spins and it works areas of your body that wouldn't have otherwise been worked out.
Biibi: I’ve being pole dancing for 7 months and for me it’s a fusion of gymnastics, ballet and modern dance on a pole. Pole dancing helps increase your muscle definition all over especially in the arms, thighs and bum; and you burn about 400 calories/hour.
Feso: The popular misconception is that pole dancing is for strippers. While I would agree that some of the spins and aerial tricks are carried out sensually (which is optional), it gives one a sense of empowerment and confidence. Women and men are allowed to express themselves in the best way they can. It’s fun, it’s another way to strength train and you would probably never get tired of it!

I've been doing this for 16 months and I feel more graceful every day and I must confess that I'm in the best shape of my life.  
Hopefully, one day, Biibi and I can get more people in Nigeria to try pole dancing!  
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Twitter: @remiredcaramel
Youtube: Red Caramel Pole Dairies



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