Friday, November 21, 2014


Learning to live a healthy lifestyle is a challenge that goes far beyond a few books, and some YouTube videos. It’s a decision you make internally, and a promise you make to never go back. Back when I use to be a “yo-yo dieter”, I would just wake up one day and say, “I will start my diet on Monday.” Come Monday I was STARVING! Thinking about it now, goodness I was silly. Committing to this lifestyle is very difficult initially, but once you find some true motivation the journey is not as bumpy. Keyword…


I’ll give you an example. I’ve always been one to only buy tennis/trainer shoes for the fashion. Why was I spending $80+ on shoes that I hardly wore because I would just die if a stain got on it? In this case my motivation was to workout in my shoes until they fall apart. In my eyes if I am wearing these shoes, then I am going to train like a real trainer. Now this may seem like a small thing to you, but I take pride in things like this. Anyhow, I trained in those pink shoes until they were begging me to stop!

...and these are currently in the cycle of getting used and worn out!


The example above is just to show you that you can find motivation in anything or anyone. Maybe you want to be that hot mum or dad, or you want to be an example to your friends and family who still struggle with healthy living. Find something that you can think about occasionally, and will help you with your day to day decision making. The important thing is to find SOMETHING! Once you’ve got that motivation write it down, keep it logged on your phone or wherever you can keep glancing over it. Take responsibility and accountability for your decision, and see the changes become permanent right before your eyes.

Written by: Edie Ibanga

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