Saturday, February 8, 2014

Healthy Food Posts

Hey all. So to those that check out the blog from time to time, you will have noticed that our posts have not been regular. This ends now. I have recently started a new job making it a little tricky to blog regularly but I have devised a new plan of action (find it below).

If you have a Twitter/Instagram account, make sure you follow us there as food posts are often uploaded there. That said, this blog must be re-activated.

Meals prepared by Obinna

Here's the plan. 

  • Once a week, a healthy meal recipe will be posted here, complete with photos, ingredients and tips. 9/10 of the posts will belong to food prepared by someone on the team.
  • If the material is gotten from an outside source, they will be cited and given all the credit. If you want to be a contributor, e-mail fitnigeria[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • Fitness advice, tips, photos & videos will be found on the Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & YouTube accounts.
Today's healthy meal comes from one of my favorite food blogs: 9jafoodie. Subscribe to our accounts to stay up to date with us and keep us accountable. It's 2014, our year to reach and surpass our fitness goals!

Have a blessed weekend.


Radhika Ganesh said...

Nice healthy plan..
Healthy Food

Vera Mihailovich said...

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Vera Mihailovich said...

Hey, great blog ideas. My favorite in this list is undoubtedly : To me, she is a true survivor.
I have been following a new one recently and although it is not into nutrition, it definitely helps feel more beautiful with the latest tips on plastic surgery related procedures. This is the one: Million Ways to Live

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