Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Baked herb and garlic Chicken + Shrimp and beef fried rice

I had been craving fried rice for a minute now but i have been so busy moving houses and all so i really didn't have time to get to it. Btw heres my new uber amazing kitchen.

I decided to just have fried rice today and make a blog post about it. It was a pretty fast recipe and its something I know a lot of people will be able to make and enjoy. I also have wanted to do a recipe with light Philadelphia cream cheese so i decided to go with herb and garlic (don't worry we are using it in moderation so don't be scared it would make you add weight , details here


Chicken breast
Mixed veggies
Bonnet pepper
Olive oil
Rice(brown rice is a healthier option)
Philadelphia herb and garlic spread
Spices (Knorr, all purpose spice, fried rice spice, curry, salt, pepper, jerk seasoning)


1. I started out by cleaning the chicken breasts. I then put them in a ziploc bag and added knorr, pepper, salt, jerk seasoning, all purpose seasoning and curry. I massaged the spice into the chicken while in the bag and put it in the fridge to marinate. (make sure you squeeze out the air from the sealed bag)

2. I then moved on to the shrimps, i put them in warm water to thaw and took off all the tails. Then i spiced it with curry, knorr and all purpose seasoning. 

3. Then I cleaned and cut the beef into tiny pieces then chopped onions into it. I spiced it with salt, pepper, curry, knorr and all purpose seasoning, I then added water and put to boil on medium heat.

4. Once the meat was boiled I drained it from the stock(which we will use for the rice) and then I placed it in a greased pan and baked on low heat for 10 - 15 mins.

5. Next, I washed a cup of rice with really hot water ( i hate soggy starchy rice lol),  washing it a couple of times with hot water prevents sticky ickyness lol. I then poured in the stock from the beef, added a little curry for colour and fried rice spice my mum got me from Nigeria ( you can substitute this for all purpose spice tbh) and I put it to boil. DO NOT OVER BOIL!

6. While the rice was boiling I moved on to the chicken. In a pan, I made incisions into the the already marinated chicken breasts and coated with the philly spread (Yum!!!). I then placed in the oven on low heat. Keep checking and turn over till both sides are browned. 

7. I then started to work on the rice properly. I started by sautéing the bonnet peppers, onions and spiced shrimps in little olive oil till they shrunk a little.

8. Then in a pot i heated olive oil and threw in the mixed veggies to cook a little. Then i added in the baked beef and the sautéed shrimps. I also added a little bit of water and spice to taste.

9. After the veggies were cooked i added in the cooked rice in bits till it was all done. You can add extra spices here if it doesn't taste as good as you want. I then placed the rice in pans and placed in the oven to dry on low heat.

10. And voila we are done :) Serve together...(ps I cut each piece of breast into 2 for after cooking, just used a whole piece for presentation purposes.)


Ms_Olivia said...

thanks a bunch for this post. love it. and even love more what u guys are doing. please post more food pictures. I live in nigeria and I am currently on my fitness journey but I cant find the appropriate food to eat. Just came about your site two days ago. grateful much. keep it up :).

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