Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Chicken veggie Rotini/ Chicken Breast/Beef Kebabs

Sorry I've been MI, I have had too much going on lol I promise I'm back full I worked on the pasta recipe today, its crazy how I mainly cook now just so I can blog. lol I split this recipe up in three parts: the Kebabs, the Chicken and the Rotini, just to make it easier to follow.

Beef Kebabs

Dry pepper
Sweet peppers


1. Wash and cut your beef into medium sized chunks. ( I went with already cut meat from the store cause I'm not big on cutting meat lol)

2. Spice the beef with the ingredients mentioned above. For mine I used suya pepper as opposed to regular dry pepper cause I prefer it. Let the meat marinate for 45 - 60 minutes in the fridge.

3. While the beef marinates cut up the sweet peppers in medium sizes, this will serve as a colourful garnish. You can add onions to this as well. These will go on our skewers. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

4. Arrange the marinated beef and the sweet peppers on the skewers, try not to overload the skewers

5. Place in an oven pan and coat with very little olive oil(using a kitchen brush or a spoon if you don't have one) and put in the oven for 15 minutes

Chicken Breast

2 Chicken breasts
Low sodium soy sauce
Dry Pepper
Chicken spice


1. Cut the chicken breasts into two halves and clean the pieces

2. Place in a bowl and spice with the spices mentioned above and marinate for 20 minutes (use as little spice as possible just so its not overly spicy)

3. In a little pan pour in little olive oil and let heat up. Put in the breast pieces, two at a time to save time.  Make little incisions as you pan sear the chicken so it cooks all the way in.

Chicken Veggie Rotini

Multi grain rotini
Sweet peppers
Spring onions
Yellow onions
1 Chicken breast
Ranch dressing
Dry pepper


1. Clean and cut up you chicken breast into thin shreds. 

2. Spice with the spices listed above and leave for 10 minutes while you work on other things

3. Put the pasta to boil, add a little water, salt and oil 

4. Cut up all the needed veggies for the recipe

5. In a pan or wok add some olive oil and throw in the onions 

6. Once the onions are slightly cooked add in the chicken and let cook

7. Once the chicken is cooked add in the sweet peppers and any needed spices. I usually add a little more ranch here cause i love creamy pasta. You can skip that 

8. Stir in the pasta and leave to simmer :) 


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