Thursday, March 3, 2016

3 things to do if you are new to working out

Hello Fitfam, it's Obinna on this beautiful Thursday morning reporting live from Lagos, Nigeria. Today I'll like to discuss something many of you have asked about in e-mails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter messages.

Actual IG follower: Hello Obi, so I'd like to start taking working out seriously, but I am lost, do you have any recommendations for newbies like myself?

Here are my recommendations. *Remember to always consult your doctor before making changes to your fitness regime*.

1. Cardio:

Cardiovascular strength and endurance are keys aspects of physical fitness and this should be a key part of any complete training regime. I recommend you set a target, for example 30 minutes of continuous motion (you can start from 5 minutes and build your way up).

2. Strength Training:

Now it's time to talk about building muscular and skeletal strength. Strength training does not mean that you are working towards attaining the physique of a bodybuilder or bikini model. It simply means that you are carrying out repeated motions to ensure you have strong muscles and bones so you can carry out daily activities (and sometimes lift people, cars and small buildings) without difficulty. Again, do not be afraid that you will bulk up so quickly...if it were that simple, many of us would be pro-wrestlers by now. Lift your weights (body weights, free weights, cables etc) people!

3. Alternate and switch things up:

This tip has done wonders for me and many of my friends that take this health and fitness lifestyle seriously. Essentially, you should avoid giving your body the chance to get comfortable and used to exercises you repeat each time you visit the gym. SHOCK your muscles, challenge your body and you will see results quicker than if you did not. Besides, what fun is there in repeating the same thing over and over again anyways?

Looking for free workout guides? You'll find some HERE.

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Nichole Marisol said...

Thank you for sharing this– you bring up an excellent points for muscle builders.

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