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Top 3 Of The Most Effective Fitness Supplements

Many different varieties of supplements exist in the fitness industry, and sometimes it can be hard to understand what's worth it and what's not. From a fitness practitioner's point of view, every supplement will have an advantage, but from a buyer's perspective; you want to invest your money in what you can get the most benefit from.

We all know that supplements are not magic products. They exist to provide you enough of a certain nutrient (essential or non essential) that you lack from your diet or nutrition. Your job is to choose the right products according to your fitness goals. Some supplements are necessary in order to obtain a healthy body, others help you to obtain certain benefits for your fitness journey; such as better strength, improved recovery and help with weight loss.

A lot of people see fitness supplements as drugs. Just because it helps you increase performance in your sport, does not mean its a drug. Contrary to performance enhancing drug-like steroids, supplements are present in the food we consume. Indeed, supplements can help your body to naturally boost your performance, whereas drugs synthetically improve your capacities.

Fitness supplements can provide you with nutrients that you lack in your diet, but its important to first invest in a good nutrition plan before thinking about buying any supplements. You can have the healthiest diet, and you still may be lacking some nutrients, but it is useless to consume the top supplements if your diet is not your first priority.
Therefore, supplements are not food substitute, but can be a great addition to a healthy diet.

Some supplements are required for your body while others provide you major benefits in order to achieve your fitness goals. Supplements are worth it, but it is important to choose the right product with good quality.

Here is the list of the most effective supplements that you must have;

Multivitamin; Multivitamins are needed to provide a small amount of all the required nutrients to help with numerous kinds of body function. Since taking different individual nutrients can have negative effects if you take too much, a multivitamin is the perfect solution.

Fish Oil;  Also known as Omega 3. Though it can also be found in plants, the most beneficial Omega 3's come from fish oils. It promotes heart health by reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, helps support healthy bones,improves mental health and memory, reduces muscle soreness and so much more.

Whey Protein; This is the most popular supplement which allows you to obtain a large amount of protein very easily. It is very effective as a pre and post workout snack, but can also be consumed during the day. It is useful, convenient and tasty!

Other effective supplements include;

Creatine; It is one of the most studied supplement in the industry, creatine works and a lot of research proves it. It increases ATP synthesis, improves performance in resistance training and increases strength in both men and women.

Glutamine; This is important for muscle fueling, which can improve performance in endurance exercises. Glutamine is very powerful, and the most abundant free amino acid in the body. One can take it just after waking up, after a workout and just before bed.


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