Friday, January 9, 2015


Happy New Year ! Speaking about new year is it just me that believes that the new year gives you reason to reexamine your life, and a chance to start over, or at least make significant changes in your life ? You could be anything or do anything if you put your mind to it.

This year one of my goals is to loose 4 inches off my waist in 12 weeks. This is by far one the most challenging goals i have ever set for myself. It will take dedication to achieve this goal. In order to achieve a goal you need to keep pushing yourself to surpass your limit, if possible. The first step is deciding what you want and the second step is coming up with a game plan that would help you achieve your goal.

I would be carrying you along this journey by sharing my experiences, my diet and workouts regimes. I am excited to go on this journey and i cannot wait to see the results. I got a couple of items to help me achieve my goal.

1) The first thing i got was a fit journal(it was a present from friend, THANK YOU !).The fit journal    helps you come up with a plan, track your workouts, meals and progress.
2) Protein powder, which helps to replenishes your body after  a workout, its also a good pre-work supplement to take especially if you doing high intensity workouts. Protein powder helps you  build lean muscle and promotes weight loss. I got meal replacement bars (I have never tried these  before- to those who have used them, what do you think about them ?)
3) Proper running shoes. I found that the shoes i have are not proper running shoes and it causes my legs to hurt a bit when i run a distance, and the pain can be avoided if i wore proper running shoes.
 4)  Lastly, I downloaded a Nike Training app, this app would help you with workouts, incase you need a guide starting and its works for the different- beginner, intermediate or advanced- level of fitness. Its free in the apple store, I also downloaded nike running app to keep track of my running. I would be working out 5 days a week + yoga. Cheers !


MrEdesiriRob said...

Running shoes on fleek :D

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